Content, Creativity & Coffee Beans

Jimmy Cregan’s adventures down under helped inspire his business venture. Founded off the back of one man’s love for iced beans and a dream to send the UK into an iced coffee frenzy, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee was born. Working together with his sister Suzie, their taste buds were put to the test, leading to the tasty iced joe we can enjoy today.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is an excellent example of how it is important to be human.

Humanity is one trait both you and all of your customers have in common. A local lad from Dorset is living out his dream, he has worked hard to get there but he is in love with what he does. This fun personality is his brand and he successful produces unique digital content to create a buzz about his beans.

Check out his very own rap video: 'Keep Your Chin Up':

Jimmy's content marketing strategy is one all start-ups should follow, using video to not only promote his product, his personality and his story but more importantly showing consumers he is a real person - what they are buying into is more than just something to clench their thirst. By developing, deep and meaningful connections with customers, Jimmy’s product has gone from strength to strength and is now stocked in all major retailers.

Digital is the future and content marketing is key. Inform and education your customers, showing them who you are, why you do what you and the story behind their purchase. Provide them with behind the scenes action to should them how awesome you are.

Rock on Jimmy.