About us

Founded with the ambition of providing entrepreneurs with cost-effective insights to encourage investment, RC’s dedication to highly efficient research now supports SMEs and larger businesses globally.

With 20+ years combined experience that spans highly innovative qualitative approaches, quantitative methodologies, advanced analytics, future trends and brand strategy, RC’s efficiency ethos brings high level research within an affordable budget.


Your research partners

Matt Ovington and Dale Milliken are the research duo who founded ResearchConnections – known as RC.

The RC team has developed into a wide spanning network of the very best researchers, suitably hand picked for each specific research and/or consulting need

Dale Milliken

Business director
& Co-Founder
With a passion for qual, Dale spent the past 7 years working across both agency and FMCG roles. Previously leading insights for Unilever’s Lynx and more recently managing the single malt scotch whisky/gin brand portfolios’ within Pernod Ricard.

Matt Ovington

Director of Research
& Co-Founder
Matt has worked in research for over 8 years, using a range of qual and quant techniques to provide key insights
to clients including British Airways and Tommy Hilfiger, along with a host of exciting start-ups.

The work we do

The following offers are to be used as guidance and further inspiration for research designs. All offerings are tailored to each client’s needs over a series of conversations to be sure we can deliver the very best value for your investment.

Option A:
Toe In Water
Quick-turnaround qualitative research.
  • Conducting typically a focus group or several in-depth interviews.
  • Delivering detailed feedback on an initial business concept, product service.
  • To assess demand, highlight areas of strength/improvement and identify unique selling points.
  • 3 weeks
Option B:
The Growth Model
We’ll work with you to build quantitative survey either designed around primary research to quantify the findings or we can build a survey to best achieve your business objectives
  • 15 Minute online survey.
  • National representative sample size of 150-500 people (or specified to a specific target audience).
  • Commonly used to validate design preferences, concept testing or large-scale consumer profiling.
  • 6 weeks
Option C:
Deep Dive
This larger scale approach, utilizes both qualitative exploration and a quantitative survey to get results that are both wide-reaching and deep.
  • Qualitative focus group or individual in-depth interviews.
  • Combined with a 15min online survey (national representative sample size of 150-500 people).
  • A holistic, 360-degree response in answering your key research questions.
  • Delivering statistically robust figures whilst also explaining the ‘why’ behind the numbers.
  • 9 weeks

What our clients say

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