ResearchConnections - About Us

With 20 years’ experience between them, Matt Ovington and Dale Milliken are the research duo who founded ResearchConnections - known within the industry as RC. 

Previously working on projects for some of the world’s biggest and best, RC was founded with the ambition to provide entrepreneurs and SMEs with actionable insights to ensure it's clients have the answers they need for their businesses to grow.

Now with zero-based budgeting in the forefront of clients' minds - RC also partners with larger organisations to ensure that they receive low-cost but high quality research which is delivered quickly, to support their business decisions as and when it is required.

Having experience spanning qualitative approaches, quantitative methodologies, future trends and brand strategy, RC is an agency well-suited and affordable for both start-ups and larger scale multinationals.

As your trusted research partners, Matt and Dale strive to make market research simple and easy to understand.


ResearchConnections - Our Work

The following offers are to be used as guidance and further inspiration for research designs. All offerings are tailored to each client’s needs over a series of conversations to be sure we can deliver the very best value for your investment. 

ResearchConnections Option A
Option A

Toe in the water

Price: £1,000-£2,000

This small scale but statistically robust quantitative research (typically an online survey) talks to your target audience and provides reliable and actionable figures to answer your key research questions.


A number of qualitative interviews (typically through a focus group or one-to-one interviews) that offer detailed feedback on an initial business concept, product or service to assess demand, highlight areas of strength/improvement and identify unique selling points.

*survey pricing based on a national representative sample size of 50 people.

ResearchConnections Option B
ResearchConnections - Option B

Bespoke Deep Dive

Price: £2,000-£3,500

This larger scale approach, utilising both qualitative and quantitative methods, not only delivers statistically robust figures but also explains more of the ‘why’ behind the numbers - a holistic, 360 degree response in answering your key research questions.

*survey pricing based on a national representative sample size of 150+ people. 





ResearchConnections Option C
ResearchConnections - Option C

The Growth Model

 Price: £3,500-£5,000

This approach combines qualitative and quantitative approaches. First utilising a series of qualitative interviews to explore an area of interest, i.e. audience opinions, attitudes, behaviours.

A survey is then designed from this primary research to quantify the findings and understand how common they are within the given audience. 

Questions around 'why they are so common' are then satisfied by feeding these findings back into the first, qualitative stage for greater exploration before the validation process is repeated again until there is little more to explore.


If you would like to chat through the options more then feel free to get in touch.
We're always happy to hear from you.


ResearchConnections - Case Studies


At the outset of their business Great Venture Surf Company came to ResearchConnections with the question of understanding their target audience. 

Our insights provided the strategic platform for the development of key brand, product and marketing.


Our partnership with Clear Public Spaces provides them with a bespoke research strategy, working with quantitative research to validate their business decisions and then using qualitative methodologies to dig deeper - bringing to life the experiences of European travellers.

We are proud to support their incredible 'A Future Without Rubbish' initiative.


We regularly work with Genoa Black, offering research consultancy on a variety of their marketing campaigns. Where we run a variety of qualitative projects for them across Scotland and in London. 

Using our industry knowledge and expertise, we manage the set-up and organisation of their research studies to ensure they achieved high quality findings to benefit their business objectives.

A few more clients we've had the privilege to work with.

Industry Insider Blog

Having a history of working with successful start-ups, Industry Insider chats to some of UK's leading entrepreneurs and how they achieved success - it aims to help inform and inspire start-ups who are on their journeys to success.


"Extremely professional team with a traditional yet creative viewpoint on research: they work tirelessly to ensure our research aim and ambition was a success"